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Black Liquorice

There are so many choices of Liquorice I actually think we could fill the shop with all the different vartieties! However here are our options always based on what we get asked for most...


.: Liquorice All Sorts (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Pontefract Cakes (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Jelly Spogs (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Torpedoes - The Big Ones! (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Comfits - The Small Ones! (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Cream Rock (Vidal)

.: Lion's Hard Liquorice Gums

.: Zouts Salt Liquorice Diamonds

.: Black & White Mints

.: School Chalks

.: Black Liquorice Wheels

.: Basetti Hard Liquorice Sticks (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Liquorice Wands (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Catherine Wheels (Barratt/Taverners)

.: Skippers Liquorice Pipes


See 'Hard Boiled' for:

.: Blackcurrant & Liquorice


See 'Flavoured Liquorice' for:

.: Wonder Mix

.: Cherry Liquorice Wheels

.: Blue Raspberry Liquorice Wheels

.: Strawberry Laces

.: Strawberry Pencils

.: Fizzy Strawberry Pencils

.: Red & White Stripes

Black Liquorice

PriceFrom £1.60
100 Grams
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