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Here is an idea of the sort of sweets included in our Pick'n'Mix Packs...


.: Bananas Foam

.: Black and Red Berries

.: Black Jacks

.: Britows Fudge

.: Bubblegum Bottles

.: Candy Cane Tubes

.: Dolly Mixtures

.: Dolphins

.: Dracula Teeth - Plain And Fizzy

.: Fizzy Chips

.: Fizzy Dummies

.: Fizzy Peaches

.: Fizzy Sour Apples

.: Fizzy Sour Cherry Cola Bottles

.: Fizzy Sour Cherries

.: Fizzy Sour Cola Bottles

.: Fizzy Sour Pina Colada

.: Fizzy Sour Rainbow Belts

.: Fizzy Sour Spiders

.: Fizzy Sour Watermelon Slices

.: Fizzy Sour Watermelons

.: Fizzy Strawberries

.: Flumps/Marshmallows

.: Foam Bananas

.: Fruit Pastilles

.: Fruit Salads

.: Giant Strawberries

.: Haribo Cherries

.: Haribo Cola Bottles

.: Haribo Fried Eggs

.: Haribo Friendship Rings

.: Haribo Gold Bears

.: Haribo Heart Throbs

.: Haribo Terrrific Turtles

.: Jazzies - White and Brown

.: Haribo Jelly Beans

.: Jelly Beans Barratt

.: Meerkats

.: Midget Gems

.: Milk Bottles

.: Milk Shakes

.: Pink Mushrooms

.: Pink Pigs

.: Red and White Stripes

.: Shrimps

.: Snakes - Gummy and Fizzy

.: Strawberry Laces

.: Strawberry Pencils

.: Strawberry Pencils - Fizzy

.: Teeth and Lips

.: Tongue Painters Paintbrushes

.: White Mice


If you want more of each, or your favourite is missing...check out our other products, you may be able to buy as many as you like in 'Sweet Shop Classics' or 'Hannahs Chocolate'! Or leave a note in the comments box.


All Pick'n'Mix is always packed with some of our stripey bags so you can share them out! However, I have also added the £1 Bags just incase theres some that find that tricky!


PriceFrom £1.00
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